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"Atty. Snowden was a pure delight! Full of knowledge and a genuine desire to effect change in our society. I believe Mr. Snowden raised awareness and effectively addressed the good, bad, and ugly of it all."

"One of the most informative presentations I have attended in years!"

"Atty. Snowden was very well prepared and provided relevant information that assisted with teaching the trainees about the importance of serving on a jury. He provided real life experience along with data based information. Excellent presentation overall."

"I must say that this was the most interesting and though provoking classes I have taken in a very long time."

"Quality information about the Jury Selection Process. This training made me AWARE of the problems that many states are experiencing when dealing with the criminal justice system."

"The presentation was excellent; it was engaging and accessible for a group of people with little understanding about the jury selection process."

"Will is a great presenter and adapted to our audience beautifully. Thanks for a great experience!"

"I admit that I was a typical potential juror, hoping not to be picked. Although I am a Probation Officer, I never considered the value that diversity plays in being a juror, especially in light of the fact that many minorities are not eligible to vote or simply are not even registered to vote."

"This training has given me a different outlook as far as the importance of diversity on a jury panel."

"It's my civic duty! Small price to pay for such a huge societal impact, let the conversation begin with me and my participation in how the criminal justice system can and should work."

"The presentation made me consider the gravity of this issue, because it highlighted how misinformed the public is regarding the amount of power a jury has in determining someone's future. I am genuinely fired up about the information I gained from the presentation and hope to continue to participate in this conversation."

"I left the presentation with a much clearer understanding about how juries are selected and some of the biases interfering with this process. I feel charged by the mission to create juries more representative of the population being served."

"I am now AWARE that my participation is important and needed."

"Diverse juries are important for fair outcomes."

"Will reminded us all that it is not only a duty but a privilege to serve on a jury. Many of us take it for granted!!!"