The Problem

Juries lack diversity. Not just diversity of color, but also diversity of thought, experience, and socioeconomic background. This lack of representation is driven by the strategic exclusion of minorities during the selection process, legal barriers to jury participation, and also misconceptions about jury duty that discourage participation. With questions of life and liberty in the balance, representative juries are an imperative to achieving just outcomes.

Our Mission

We aim to change the makeup of juries to better represent the American population and the communities most commonly accused. We pursue this through community and public education about jury eligibility and the jury selection process and the power jurors hold in America's high stakes criminal justice system.

What We Do

The Juror Project engages the community through informative meetings and group discussions. We present at high schools, colleges, churches, neighborhood associations and any other community gatherings to discuss the importance of jury service, the discriminatory practices of some prosecutors, as well as what members can do to actually get on a jury.